My story since the middle of the last century

For the first time I got carried away with photography in school in the mid-60's. I started with the simplest cameras and processed my pictures in a dark bathroom. Later, I became professionally engaged in video production, producing television shows, and even was host of several of my own TV shows.
TV business did not leave me time for my photo hobby for a good 30 years.
At the age of 45, I again discovered the photography, but this time it was a digital photography, which did not require much time for processing and allowed me to edit photos using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
Now I'm retired and able to spend more time as a photographer and I returned to my old hobby - film cameras, which I'm using to this day.
My Etsy store allowed me to return to my past hobby, and at the same time to help many customers with tips and suggestions.
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I always respond to your requests, regardless of whether you buy something from me, or just need an advice. I'm glad to communicate with people who are passionate about photography and need some guidance about photo equipment. Use my 50 years of experience, sometimes it's priceless :)) (please read my Note below)
NOTE: I have to explain why I don't accept return. I DO ACCEPT returns if anything wrong with the item. But I do not accept returns if customer changed his/her mind after receiving my item, or customer discovered that this item is not compatible with other his/her own items, or the customer found similar item on sale somewhere online and I have to accept return. Please do your home work, ask me thousand questions, get my answers and suggestions, and then place your order. I am not a big retail store. All my items are quite rare and unique. I spend countless hours for research, photograph and describe every item in the store. I'm trying to present my items with maximum accuracy. I cannot afford sending my store items back and forth, my profit is minimal and I constantly re-invest my revenue into some new items.
I appreciate your support and interest to my store and I always do my best to satisfy my customers.

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